Though I’ve never studied art formally I have been creating art for most of my life. As a child I entertained myself for hours with a bag full of collected fabric scraps from my mother’s sewing. My mother was a midwife and I was pressed into service as her assistant at age eleven. It was these early years growing up in South Texas that have had the most influence on my work.

I absorbed the colors and emotions of the Rio Grande and of Mexico which was just a stone’s throw away. I carefully studied the faces of the many women and newborns that passed through our home. I continually seek to honor and celebrate my Mexican roots in my artwork. As an adult I fell in love with nature and art and I’ve never stopped exploring both.

I go in my studio and experiment with all types of mixed media treasures, absolutely nothing is off limits or impossible. The melding of paint, fabric, and unique objects to create something interesting - even beautiful - that is what brings me the greatest satisfaction. These days I divide my time between Tucson, Arizona in the arid Southwest and Oregon in the verdant Pacific Northwest. I feel greatly blessed to have the best of both worlds and endless inspiration.

With love,



For the Mexican soul, color is a cry of joy in the vast darkness of silence